Information Server Origin: The Story of Dismis

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    Dismis Mu Online Gaming is one of the unique Mu Online Private server in the sense that this server was created out of love for the game Mu Online and in honor of the administrators favorite Catholic Saint, Dismas. As you may see in our logo, which was designed @Kio, three swords are struck liked in a pile of land along with dark grayed themed on the left along with Mu Online logo with a stand out blood red dark grayed themed on the right. This imagery represents deeper meanings; of which the three swords represents the crucifixion of Christ, the Son of God along with the two criminals one of which is Saint Dismas, our honored Saint. We were deeply amazed how this lucky man is so lucky and how God is so merciful for those who are humble to confess that they are sinners as portrayed in the movie "The Passion of Christ" by Mel Gibson. Dark Grayed meaning death and lamentation but with blood red meaning passion, love, and power.
    But not to directly con notate the saint in respect for imagery of gaming i personally changed the name into something that is not that common, something maybe unique and easily remembered word, and Dismas became Dismis.

    Dismis Mu Online gaming is actually not a new server in the realm of Private Mu Online gaming, however we are not that popular as well as we are not that popular :D. Our server was first developed way back 2010 using SCF server files after fanatic gaming experience with high rate Gamezeventos Mu running season 4 - 5 server files. We were configuring it only with hamachi server with friend (was just actually 1 friend and 1-2 cousins so were five) and was not able to continue due to school obligations. We saved the server files in mega upload but unfortunately it closed and all our configurations and files were lost :D. We stopped our dealings with Mu Online because DOTA, LOL, Aion, and other games were getting our attention plus of course school obligations and the future of real life work...

    Summer of 2016 when i decided to study again mu online server files. This time i was using MUEMU released by Jumbogram in ragezone which is a hot topic release that time. I was inspired by recent gaming experience with Mu Online classic S6 and S8 by Jay Eusebio and my short lived stay as game master in CrysisCore S8 by Zythe. Dismis Mu Online gaming went live in the internet for the 1st time in December 17, 2016 running MUEMU Season 8 with the 1st custom item from season 11 the BloodAngel and DarkAngel. However it was not that easy to run an mu online server because you can't get players that easily and its very difficult to configure the files if you have limited time with the current pressure in the real life work. I went configuring other files and i came up with the released IGCN S9 which i really like because it was from a well know company and somehow i liked configuring it and it caters new versions of Mu Online. Dismis Mu Online gaming was again released with Season 9 version of IGCN on November 1, 2017. Again it was short lived because players were not that many, and maybe because of the hard config, it was 1x btw. So i went configuring another server and i found out that there are many players playing Season 6. So i went up configuring season 6 Mu Online with MUEMU. We launched the server just this February 11, 2018 and gather somehow couple of players but was not able to continue because of the real life obligations like work and somehow i am not that motivated to work with Mu Online anymore. Frustrated by how it goes, we also tried just releasing a short lived Season 12 IGCN MUEMU but i think its not that really good to deal with because its too broad. Just this June 24, 2018 i decided to close the server for good.

    But realizing, Mu Online was actually the 1st gaming application wherein i learned and loved the computer technology. Going back in the thesis days of 2007 - 2008 in Junix Prado's computer shop in Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac I created my first elf that made me so happy that i played a computer game. This is maybe the reason why i am pursuing to revive Dismis Mu Online Gaming. We already have the brand and we are just living it.

    Ever since i was fascinated how the zen and jewels commodity is so important that it made the game economy real life. I remember how people are selling their personal stuffs during my 1st encounter with Mu Online just to buy jewels and upgrade their items. Those who have jewels and are shinning in the game are the monster players as Junix Prado said. We are reviving Dismis Mu Online Gaming with that concept and from i have learned from the past.

    And as a personal promise, i currently need to have an active website as part of my real life work and preference so why not make Mu Online? So whether there are players not none. Website is up :)

    Dismis Mu Online Gaming, reopening for Forever this November 2018 :)
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