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    Hello Folks!!!

    We are opening part of our forum for free advertisement to your Mu Online Server. This will cater more option for people who happen to check by in Dismis Mu Online Gaming :). Please be guided though with the following:

    Guidelines and Information

    Please note that these are subject to change without prior notice, you're responsible to keep yourself updated regarding, unless you want to end up being infraction banned.

    Please also note that the Dismis Mu Online forum rules still applies in this section, you'll find those here: Forum Rules

    General Section Rules - These rules applies to the general section, as well as all sub-sections

    1. Advertisements only

    Threads should only be made for the purpose of advertisement. Recruitment, development, and help threads will be deleted immediately.

    2. Community networks and services
    We don't allow advertisement for community networks and services. All advertisement posted here must be related to Mu Online Private servers, any non-affiliated advertisement will be deleted, and the creator will receive an infraction for not coping with this rule.

    3. Who can advertise?
    The server owners or administrators are the only ones allowed to create the advertisement thread. This should not be done by Game Masters, Supporters, Members, Sponsors or anyone else.

    4. One advertisement per server
    You are only allowed to post one single advertisement thread for your server, network or website.

    • If you need to change the advertisement content, you can edit your original post.
    • If the change concerns the thread title or if you wish the advertisement to be cleaned, you can request that by contacting a moderator directly. Reference: LINK
    Do not create a new advertisement thread if you already own one!
    Exception: You may create one advertisement thread for each game you're owning. If you just own different servers of the same game, e.g. a high rate and a low rate server, please advertise them in one thread / don't create multiple threads for them.

    5. Thread Bumping
    Only the original thread creator (= the server owner) is allowed to bump his advertisement. He must allow at least 24 hours to pass between post bumps. Fans, members and server staff are allowed to ask for help, offer help, give feedback and comment for obvious reasons, but not for the single purpose of bumping. Posting updates and announcements also counts towards post bumping. However, replying to users / providing support for them is fine.

    6. Announcements / Updates
    The original thread creator is the only person allowed to give out announcements on behalf of the server. Server updates, server information, events and status updates should only be given by the original poster. New links, and vital information must also be included to the original post, the actual thread. Members can notify or link to update logs or announcements on the servers website. However, they may not do server announcements for the server in the thread.

    7. English only
    This is an English forum, and all communication / advertisements have to be written in English. If you're unable to speak English, use a translator and provide the translated text in your post.

    8. Links
    No direct link to registration, or any other link that should benefit the server and make members do something like surveys, voting, etc. A solid link to a forum, or preferable a website is required. We also strongly recommend that regular users are able to obtain information and view forums without having to register.

    9. Closing advertisements / servers
    Instead of editing your ad into "closed" or something similar, you have to either post in the corresponding subsection's "Report dead servers" thread or use the report function. Failure to do so will result in an infraction.




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