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    This thread contains the Rules for using the Dismis MU Server ONLY.

    As a member of Dismis Gaming Community, you are hereby obliged to accept and follow these rules. Please make sure to familiarize yourselves with the rules.

    Rules must be strictly enforced in order to ensure continued success in building a friendly and healthy community

    In-Game General Rules:

    C.2. Using cheats, hacks, or any type of third-party software/programs (unless authorized by the Dimis Gaming Staff) designed to alter the client won't be tolerated.

    C.2. Exploitation of glitch, bugs, dups (duplication), or the like for personal gain or that may disrupt the balance of the game is strictly prohibited. Spreading the bug through communication is also prohibited. It's best to inform the Staff immediately through private messages or email.

    C.3. Hacking, scamming, defrauding the players won't be tolerated.

    C.2. Voting on multiple accounts is prohibited. The use of IP Proxies or other third-party software that are designed to bypass the IP Address is strictly prohibited. We WILL BAN ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS.

    C.1. Flaming, harassing, attacking, insulting, swearing, and other forms of negative conversations with players and staffs is strictly prohibited.

    C.2. Impersonating any Dismis Gaming Staff is strictly prohibited.

    C.1. Complaining/disagreeing bans or warnings with the Dismis Gaming Staff in-game is prohibited. If you feel like your warning/ban is unlawful, then you can submit an appeal in forums.

    C.2. Spreading false information, rumors, that may cause a rift between the players and staffs are strictly prohibited.

    C.3. Advertising any other MU Online Private servers is strictly prohibited.

    C.1. Spamming, trolling of any form is prohibited.

    C.1. Don't beg for zen/items from players and staffs.

    *Please respect players and Staffs in-game and in forums at all times. You and the other players have the rights to play and enjoy the game, so please be friendly and respectful at all times.

    In-Game Event Rules:

    C.1. Only a maximum of two (2) accounts are allowed per IP during events.

    C.1. Killing other players when participating in an event (outside of town) is not allowed. Note: PVP Event is exempted.

    C.1. Begging for items/zens from GMs during events are not allowed.

    Punishments: The punishment system is divided into three (3) categories.

    Category 1 (C.1)

    · First offense: GM will issue a warning to the player. (Character disconnection will be upon to the discretion of the GM.)

    · Second offense: Temporary Ban. (Minimum of one (1) day and a maximum of seven (7) days.)

    · Third offense: Permanent Ban.

    Category 2 (C.2)

    · First Offense: Temporary Ban. (Duration to be determined by the Head Game Master)

    · Third Offense: Permanent Ban.

    Category 3 (C.3)


    - We are not responsible for the loss of your account. We will not ask for your account info (username is exempted for special cases) especially your password. So keep your accounts to yourselves, and be sure to have your accounts secured at all times.

    - We advise you not to share your account/s or information with others. It is for your own safety. We won't be able to help/compensate if your account will get hacked/stolen.

    • This thread does not cover all the rules. If a GM find an unfitting behavior, he or she will punish the player accordingly.
    • The In-Game Rules are subjected to change anytime.

    - Dismis Gaming Staff
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