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    Hi Guys!

    For your information, we are not allowed to make attachment here in forums, including staffs and myself. This is to optimize our forum usage and at the same time leverage with the services provided already with the image management servers.

    We encouraged everyone to embed from our trusted image management server: Imgur and Flicker

    This guide shows how to embed images from Imgur.

    *For those who do not have imgur account, you can register free @ imgur.

    Sign in to imgur.


    Upload your Images.


    Copy BBCode.


    Paste in Forum.


    Create Thread / Preview.


    Image Embedded.


    @Law kindly stick this guide in all forum sections and amend the forum rules to adhere this usage. Amend the rules as well to allow only mediafire, dropbox,, and googledrive in file attachment.

    Thanks All :)
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